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Moped Coventry

Moped Coventry

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The city of Coventry is one of the most congested in the UK, making commuting around the city, and to and from nearby places a difficulty. If you live and work in the city or study at Coventry University, travelling from place to place using a moped can help youavoid getting stuck in traffic gridlocks. Riding a moped in Coventry goes beyond providing ease in traffic.It is a more comfortable and convenient transport option. This article looks at the benefits of travelling around on a moped and the benefits of buying on of Direct Bikes’.

Why You Should Commute Using Moped in Coventry

Ease of Parking – Finding a parking space for a car is often difficult. You often have to drive around before getting a suitable spot. And most times, you park at a distance and have to walk to your destination. Riding a moped ensures you’ll finda small space that’s enough for a moped.

Saves Money – Travelling around in a car is expensive. There’s parking charges, fuelling, car maintenance and road taxes. You also have to pay road taxes. Riding a moped in Coventry is a lot cheaper, enabling you to save more.

Environmentally-Friendly – Coventry roads are some of the most polluted in the Midlands, prompting the government to announce plans of a congestion charge. By riding a moped in Coventry, you could avoid paying little or no charges when you enter the clean air zone.

Also, young adults aged 16 can get a provisional license to ride a moped, unlike for cars that require you to be at least 17.

Making Mopeds Affordable in Coventry

Direct Bikes offers the largest selection of mopeds for sale in Coventry. Our mopeds come in different colours, sizes and designs, so you’d certainly find one that suits your taste. Our mopeds are also very affordable. And if you are unable to pay at once, you can spread payments over months using our flexible finance plans. Buying one of our mopeds means you are entitled to a free insurance price comparison that’ll get you the best insurance package for your moped. Our mopeds are also backed by a 12-months warranty on parts.

Get Your Moped in Coventry Today

Browse our collection of mopeds and choose one. Then fill in the delivery information and we’ll have your moped delivered to your Coventry doorstep without any delay.

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