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Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Moped ?

We supply our own brand of mopeds direct to the customer, cutting out the middle man. This means we can supply high quality mopeds at very competitive prices.
50cc - 50cc mopeds are restricted to 30 miles per hour. This is ideal for short journeys, nipping around town, getting into central London. The minimum age requirement is 16.
125cc - If you're an advanced rider or need to go on roads above 30mph and for longer journeys, a 125cc moped is more suitable. They are not restricted and can reach 60 mph. You need to be 17 to ride one.
All our mopeds are supplied with four stroke engines. With four stroke machines you can use unleaded petrol, have better fuel economy and lower overall emission levels. Two stroke engines you will need to mix oil and petrol before use.
A typical moped consumes between 55% and 81% less fuel than a car for the same journey (SMART guide, MCIA 2002). A 125cc machine will typically cost under 10 pence per mile to run. (www.greenconsumerguide.com, Feb 05)
A 50cc moped comes from the factory restricted to 30 mph. If you are 17 or over with a full bike licence / CBT test, you can have the moped de-restricted. The restrictors on the moped are taken out; the moped is no longer classed as a moped. It will usually go 10 - 20mph faster. Please note derestriction will void your warranty and you will need to inform relevant parties of any such modifications.
All parts are available. You can order them over the phone or online.
We are a UK company and to keep costs low our mopeds are manufactured abroad in India & China.

Payment and Delivery ?

We accept all major credit cards, cheques, postal orders or bank transfer.
Standard Delivery takes approximately three working days from processing the order. We can also offer Next Working Day Delivery and Saturday Delivery. Orders are processed at 11am each working day.
Our delivery driver will contact you prior to delivery to arrange a suitable day.
Yes - all our prices are fully inclusive of VAT.
Delivery charges start at £85 for delivery to mainland England and Wales.
Delivery charges are as follows:
Region Standard Delivery Next Working Day Saturday Delivery
Mainland England & Wales £85 £135 £135
Isle of Wight £155 N/A N/A
Scottish Lowlands £155 £205 £205
Scottish Highlands £185 £235 £235
Channels Islands £185 N/A N/A
N. Ireland and S. Ireland £185 N/A N/A
All our mopeds are delivered via our own courier within approximately 3 working days. For security we do not offer customer collections.

Safety And Security ?

Your moped is supplied separately with a COC certificate. It is EEC tested and approved. The DVLA can inspect and request vehicles to be tested at their discretion. We do not cover any associated costs.
Yes, we supply our mopeds with a full 12 Month Parts Warranty. You can choose to extend this by an extra year for just £69.
Yes you can store most open face helmets under the seat - the storage on all our motor mopeds is lockable. Always buy the best helmet your budget allows
To ensure the safety of your moped always lock it to an immovable object whether at home or when out. Consider security tagging your moped and fitting an alarm or immobiliser.
Disc locks secure onto the front or rear brake disc making it impossible to ride the moped. However, if you forget to unlock it, you may damage your moped when you try to ride off.
Chain locks come in different strengths and sizes. They can be used around a wheel to secure your moped to an immovable object and prevent it being lifted.
You need at least third party insurance to ride a motor moped and it is your responsibility to take out cover:
  • Third Party is the cheapest as you're only covered for injuries or damage you do to others or their property.
  • Fire and Theft covers your moped being set on fire or stolen (and gives cover for third parties).
  • Fully Comprehensive is the most expensive option but covers repairs to your moped after an accident even if no other parties were involved.
We recommend Scoot Scoot Insurance, the UK's No.1 Moped Comparison Site - click here www.mopedinsurance.co.uk or Telephone: 0844 409 7862.

Getting Started ?

All our mopeds come assembled - you simply attach the wing mirrors, battery and free accessories. You may need to purchase a battery charger to charge the battery.
All our mopeds are handily supplied, separately by post, a registration pack. Simply follow the instructions and submit to the DVLA (registration costs £55).
By registering the moped before the moped is sold makes the moped second hand, you become the second owner. This significantly reduces the value of your moped. We only sell new mopeds where you are the first owner.
You will receive your licence plate number and log book once registration is complete.
Yes, you will need to purchase road tax (£17 per year). Ask at your Post Office.
Yes, for continued use and safety regular servicing is required by an approved service centre. Service periods are due at distance travelled or time period of ownership, whichever is sooner; 300km / 3 months of ownership for first service, 1000km / 6 months of ownership for second service, 3000km / 12 months of ownership for third service and every 3000kms / 6 months of ownership subsequently.
Direct Bikes have over 200 approved service centres throughout the UK. Details of your local approved service centre are supplied to existing customers upon request.
50cc - You don't need to take any further tests if you have a full UK driving licence taken before 1st February 2001. Otherwise you will need to take a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) test.
125cc - Yes, you will need to take a CBT test at your local CBT test centre.
The CBT is a full day's training with an instructor. It teaches important safety theory and riding skills. It includes practicing manoeuvres on site, learning about road craft, road conditions and hazards, and going onto the road with the instructor advising by radio link.
You need to obtain a UK provisional driving licence before taking the CBT course, if you don't already have a full one. After successful completing it, you'll receive a certificate valid for two years. You'll then need to retake your CBT and/or take a full motorcycle test.

For more details, visit: www.dvla.gov.uk
50cc - You need to be at least 16 to drive a 50cc moped and have a provisional UK licence. Once you've taken your CBT, you can ride a 50cc moped with 'L' plates. You can't take passengers or drive on motorways until you have a full UK motorcycle licence.
If you have a full UK driving licence taken before Feb 2001 no further tests are needed. Holders of a full UK driving licence also do not need to have 'L' plates.
125cc - you need to be at least 17. You need a full UK driving licence and a CBT. You can then ride with 'L' plates until you obtain your full UK motorcycle licence. You can't take passengers or drive on motorways until you have your full UK motorcycle licence
For more details, visit: www.dvla.gov.uk

On The Road ?

You can park in a designated bike park, on private property (if you have permission), in a car park with space set aside for bikes and on a public road, subject to the same rules and restrictions as cars. You can't park on the pavement or in bus lanes.
Bike parks are usually free, as are some residents' and Pay and Display bays. Check out where to park at www.parkingforbikes.com and www.londonbikeandmoped.co.uk
You may only ride in a bus lane during the times displayed on the signs.
Yes, you need always to wear a helmet and recommend protective clothing to ensure safety.
In a nutshell - no!
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