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We're the UK's No.1 moped brand for a reason!

We supply our mopeds direct from the factory, cutting out the middleman. We also avoid glossy brochures, fancy showrooms and aggressive salesmen. Because we keep our overheads low, we can pass the savings on to you.

Just choose your moped style and colour - and we'll deliver direct to your door (Delivery charges start at £100 for England and Wales).

Why pay more?

Why indeed? Mopeds from Direct Bikes are manufactured using the highest quality materials, latest technology and stylish designs. Our four stroke machines will get you from A to B reliably, turning heads along the way.

Which one is right for you?

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, we have a moped that's just right for you. Choose from a selection of engine sizes, eye-catching colours and designs to match.

The 50cc Sports, 50cc Ninja and 50cc Retro mopeds are perfect if you're starting out or live in the city. The 125cc Sports, 125cc Cruiser and 125cc Tommy mopeds are ideal if you're a more advanced rider or prefer a higher top speed.

Buy with confidence: every moped from Direct Bikes comes with a 12 month parts warranty.

Save time, money, the planet and have fun

Weave around town. Whizz off to work. Vroom to the beach. All our mopeds are fun to ride and fully automatic, just twist and go.

In London, a moped can cut your journey time by up to 60% and there's no Congestion Charge. Travelling by moped can be cheaper than buses and trains, and eco-friendly with fewer emissions than cars. Road tax is only £15, economic fuel consumption and parking is often free.

Order your brand new moped today in three easy steps and have it delivered directly to your door, it's as simple as that.