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125cc Moped

125cc Moped

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If you ever intend on buying a moped, then you want to buy the ideal moped for yourself. Every rider is different, which is why at Direct Bikes we make sure you always have ample selection. A good quality 125cc moped for example will be just the right choice for most of our buyers. If you are looking for something a bit stronger than a 49cc moped, then going for a 125cc ride makes a lot of sense. Before you do that, though, we want to make sure that you know 100% what you are buying. Let's take a look.

What is a 125cc moped, exactly?

So, a 125cc moped is a moped that is driven using a 125 cc engine. This is more than powerful enough to handle just about any kind of typical trip or journey. It's also a fine example of what kind of vehicle most riders would turn to if they were looking for something fast and reliable. For most riders, a 125cc is a fine example of what you would use if you wanted to get a motorbike but weren't sure if it would be a good choice for you.

Many of our buyers choose to go with a 125cc as they want something fast, but something they can also control. With a ride from our store, you can buy something that is going to be just right for you in terms of your riding needs, your speed desires, and your budget.

What kind of speed can a 125cc moped do?

With a 125cc moped from Direct Bikes, you can expect that you can do a speed of around 60 miles per hour. All of our available models have this as their listed top speed. 60mph is more than fast enough for most forms of driving, such as going on the motorway or driving with a passenger.

You will also find that with a top speed of 60mph, you can keep pace with traffic outside of towns and cities. If you wished to ride a 49cc moped outside of a town or city, you might find that you are a touch too slow. With a 125cc ride, though, you can easily make up the speed deficit. So, if you intend to take on any trips outside of your local area, consider the added top speed of a 125cc ride.

What do I need to ride at 125cc?

If you wish to ride one of our 125cc vehicles, you would need to get two things. The first thing that you need to go and get is your Compulsory Basic Training, or CBT. Your CBT is the training program that makes it clear that you can handle a bike. Once you reach the age of 17, your CBT would allow you to start riding your 125cc vehicle.

However, please note that with a CBT you are limited as to where you can go. For one, your top speed is capped to 28mph. You also cannot go on the motorway with a CBT license alone. To get on the motorway, and to carry a passenger, you need your full driving license. For a CBT rider, this means waiting until you are the right age to apply.

When can I get my full 125cc riding license?

Once you reach the age of 17, you could apply for what is known as your A1 license. Your A1 allows you to drive in full your 125cc moped. This driving it at top speed, carrying a passenger, and getting to take off your L plates. You would also be allowed to drive on the motorway with your A1 license.

To get your A1 license, you can ask us more about this when you make your purchase. Our team can fill you in on the needed steps to go and get your A1. Without your A1 license, you would need to have your CBT and at least your provisional driving license. If you already have a provisional for your car, this should be enough for you.

Without a CBT, though, you can't do anything else. Focus on earning your CBT first, and you can take the next steps from there.

How much does a 125cc cost me?

At Direct Bikes, you would pay only £1,699 for a 125cc moped. For a brand new vehicle that is built to last? That's a tremendous price. We've made sure to fairly price our mopeds so that they can feel very easy to buy. However, should you ever need help with paying for a moped then you just need to ask.

Our team provide a finance program that can give you up to £5,000 in credit to use for Direct Bikes purchases. We also allow for credit borrowing for as long as sixty months, nor we do hold credit ratings against anyone. If you would like to make a simple and easy purchase, then, you only need to take a look at what our 125cc mopeds would cost you.

Even with the price of delivery, we make buying a 125cc very affordable indeed.

Getting your 125cc delivered

At Direct Bikes, we also run a solid program for making sure that our customers can get their bikes delivered. Instead of having to come to our storeroom, you can instead just stay at home and it will be brought right to you. As you go through the checkout process, you will be asked where you would like to have your bike delivered to.

Make a choice, and then choose your ideal delivery time. We offer UK-wide delivery on both 1-day and 3-day delivery options. This means that you could have the bike packed up and ready to arrive in just a few short days. This gives you enough time to get your ride taxed and insured so that you can get everything prepared for a swift and simple arrival.

So, if your aim is to buy a brand new moped at 125cc, come and check out our options at Direct Bikes!