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Moped Belfast

Moped Belfast

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Consistently named one of the most congested cities in the UK, Belfast is, without a doubt, a commuter’s nightmare. According to the Belfast Telegraph, the traffic gridlock costs each driver a whopping £1,400. In a city like Belfast, the best alternative is to navigate the city using a moped. Riding a moped in Belfast will significantly reduce the time you lose in traffic and save you a lot of money. This is asides eliminating the stress that comes with sitting for hours in traffic. Whether you are touring the many attractions in the capital city or commuting to work, a moped offers a lot of benefits. Here are some of them.

Benefits of Owning a Moped Belfast

Ease of Parking – Aside from the ease with which you can glide through traffic on a moped, it is also easy to find parking space when riding a moped. You can park in small spaces and if you must pay, it usually costs less than parking a car.

Saves Time and Money – A lot of hours is lost in Belfast’s traffic gridlock. Moving around on a moped in Belfast saves time that could be better used for family and business. It is also a lot cheaper to fill the tank of a moped with petrol. Moped insurance is also lower, along with other expenses.

Environment-Friendly – Reduce your carbon footprint by riding a moped to work, pubs, shops and other places. Mopeds have a reduced impact on the environment than cars.

Ease of Use – There’s no extensive training required to ride a moped as most of them are automatic. You just twist and go. Also, your young adults aged 16 can ride a moped by applying for and getting a provisional license.

Mopeds for All in Belfast

Direct Bikes offer a large collection of stylish mopeds for sale in Belfast. Our bikes are high-quality, low-maintenance and come in various designs, styles and engine sizes. Why pay more when you can get quality for less? Our mopeds are very affordable, mainly because we deal directly with you – no middlemen. Also, flexible payment plans are available for you if you cannot pay at once.

Have Fun. Save More. Get a Moped in Belfast Now

Why wait when the fun can start and you can begin saving on your expenses now? Check out our selection of mopeds and order now. We’ll have it delivered to your Belfast address.

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