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Moped Birmingham

Moped Birmingham

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With busy dual carriageways that are used by commuters going to one place or the other, Birmingham is no doubt a busy city. Navigating the city using a moped is a more convenient option, both health-wise and financially. With the city council’s intention to ban cars from the city’s center, there’s no better time to switch to using a moped in Birmingham. It can also be a great alternative to your SUV or car. Here are some reasons why.

Benefits of a Birmingham Moped

Commuting in and around Birmingham and to nearby cities and towns can be difficult due to traffic gridlock. Owning a moped enables you to move faster in these situations. It is also a hassle finding parking space for a car. But by driving a moped in Birmingham, you won’t have to go through such stress as mopeds can fit into small spaces.

Another benefit of riding a moped in the city is the reduced expenses you’d enjoy. Mopeds cost only a few pounds to fuel and you won’t even have to fill the tank every now and then because they consume little petrol. Road taxes and insurance for mopeds are also significantly lower than cars. Since mopeds emit less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, mopeds also have little impact on the environment.

Direct Bikes – Your Number One Moped Brand in Birmingham

Direct Bikes offer a wide range of mopeds for sale in Birmingham. Our mopeds are in various designs, colours and styles, giving you variety of options. Direct Bike mopeds are also very affordable. You can own a moped in Birmingham for as low as £999. You also don’t have to pay at a go. Payment can be in parts, thanks to our flexible finance plans. All of our mopeds are top-quality and come with a 12 months parts warranty.

Own Your Moped Now

It takes only three steps to get your moped delivered to you in Birmingham. Select the moped of your choice from the collections, order and get it at your location. It’s that simple.

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