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Moped Ashford

Moped Ashford

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Owning a moped in Ashford enables you to cruise around town while taking in the different views and sights. Located in Kent in England, Ashford is a town with its own attractions including the Godinton House and Gardens, Victoria Park, Ashford Borough Museum, among others. Whether you are going to work in the morning or want to relax in your favourite pub late in the evening, having your own moped offers you a number of benefits other vehicles lack. Here are some.

Benefits of Owning a Moped in Ashford

Easy to Park – We know you don’t like having to look for a parking space, which is why owning a moped makes a whole lot of sense. You can park your moped in tiny spaces. Problem solved.

Easy to Manoeuver – They’ve been times when you are stuck in traffic and you watch as cyclist and bikers get through. With a moped, you can say goodbye to congestion, no matter the cause.

Low Fuel Consumption – Mopeds make use of very little fuel, which enables you to ride your moped for many days and even weeks before you need to fill the tank with petrol again. This helps you save more.

Low Cost – Mopeds are nowhere as expensive as cars, which makes them a great alternative. Instead of adding another car to the fleet, why not get a moped and invest the money in a business?

Direct Bikes – Your Ashford Moped Distributor

We are on a mission to ensure anyone can own a moped in Ashford without having to break the bank. Our mopeds are extremely affordable and can be paid for using our flexible payment plans. You also get to choose from different sizes, colours, and styles. On purchasing a moped, our team also compares insurance plans for the best that suit your needs.

Own a Moped Today

Browse through our fantastic collections of mopeds and choose the one you’d love to have in your garage. We’ll deliver it to your Ashford address within a few days of receiving your order. Own an Ashford moped today.

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