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Moped Bangor

Moped Bangor

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Whether you are a student at Bangor University or you live and work in the town, owning a moped in Bangor can make your travel much easier and comfortable. Fast becoming acceptable as a means of transport by many in Wales, mopeds are an excellent alternative to cars. This isn’t far-fetched, given the ease with which it can snake through traffic. Whether you want to get to and from school pretty easily or frequently visit the various tourist attractions, you can’t go wrong having a moped. Why are we so sure? Here are some reasons.

Benefits of a Moped in Bangor

Easy to Park – You know how difficult it can get finding a parking space on campus or at the office parking lot. Not with a moped. You can park in almost any space.

Low Fuel Consumption – Moped consume very little fuel. You can get by for days and even weeks without the need to refuel. Riding a moped in Bangor is also an excellent way of saving money as you can fill its tank for less than £10.

It is Cheaper – Students and those looking to add another vehicle to their fleet will find out that a moped is a much cheaper alternative than a car. It also costs little to insure and maintain.

Easy to Use – As a young adult and elder, you don’t have to get extensive training as mopeds are very easy to ride. Another benefit of owning a Bangor moped as a young adult is that you can begin riding at the age of 16 with a provisional license. Now that is sweet.

Making Mopeds Available for all of Bangor

Direct Bikes offers all residents of Bangor the chance to become the proud owners of low-maintenance, quality mopeds. Our mopeds are very affordable and won’t put a hole in your pockets. Available in a variety of designs, Direct Bikes mopeds are also customizable on request. Insuring your moped in Bangor is also very easy and cheap as we help customers compare the insurance market for the best deals. With our flexible payment options, you also get to pay in parts.

Get Your Moped Now

Browse through our collections of 50cc and 125cc mopeds today. Simply fill in your information and we’ll deliver it to your Bangor location or any address of your choice. Join the growing moped lovers in Bangor today.

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