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Moped Rugby

Moped Rugby

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This market town situated in Warwickshire receives a lot of footfall all year round for its scenery and Rugby Hall of Fame. Therefore, the best time to invest in a moped in Rugby is now.

With a population of over a hundred thousand people, you can imagine how busy the town of Rugby can get. With a town as busy as this, a moped to get you around town is a great choice.

How is a Moped in Rugby Beneficial to You?

They are Easy to Manoeuvre – It is also possible to run into traffic in the second largest town in the country but no matter how heavy traffic, with a moped you can always snake through traffic.

They Use Little Fuel – With a moped, you can get all your errands run and go to where you want without consuming a lot of fuel.

They are Easy to Park – It is possible that in a town this populated, you would usually have trouble finding a spot to park. However, with a moped, you don't have to worry about this because mopeds can fit into small spaces in parking lots.

You can Own One at 16 - If you want to own your own moped, you simply need a provisional license and a CBT certificate, and you can, at 16, ride your own moped.

Direct Bikes – Making Mopeds a possibility for Everyone in Rugby

Direct Bikes presents to you the opportunity to own your own moped. What's more? We're offering these mopeds at affordable rates and with the option of a payment plan. We have amazing mopeds in various designs, shapes and colour types, and we offer one of the most affordable insurance plans in the UK.

Buy Your Moped Today

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