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Moped for Sale

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Do you have your eyes on a brand new moped for sale? We know how you feel. At Direct Bikes, we are very passionate about two-wheeled vehicles. They make up a huge part of our personal and professional lives, and it’s something that we care about very dearly. We’ve worked around the clock to help our customers make sure that when they buy from Direct Bikes, they are buying a quality moped. To do that, we’ve worked on making sure that every moped for sale we provide comes with the following promise and guarantees of quality.

A brand new vehicle

First off, let us make one thing clear: at Direct Bikes, every moped for sale is brand new. We don’t sell a single used model. We make sure that every ride that you buy arrives with a big, fat 0 in the mileage column. This means that you know that you are buying a vehicle with a brand new tag attached to it; this is not something that has been previously used.

If you want to know that you are buying a vehicle that is very safe to ride, start with us. Our mopeds for sale are all checked prior to purchase so that we know they arrive at your door with the best possible condition.

We know that you want to be able to ride with 100% confidence in the vehicle that you just bought. That’s why we take our moped sales so seriously.

1-year warranty provided

When you buy a moped from us, you will be happy to know that it arrives with a 1-year warranty attached. We believe in our vehicles, and believe that if they are cared for they can last for many years. Still, we know that for many riders that first year is often their most active. To help you get the most out of your new bike, we’ve protected it with a 1-year warranty program.

This means that if any issues come up in this first 12 months, you need only give us a call. Once we know what you are looking for, we can make sure that you get a warranty that also extends to unlimited mileage. So, don’t worry about driving too much in that first year – it’s not going to limit or impact on your mileage. Does that not seem like a fair deal to you?

Excellent variety in options

When shopping with Direct Bikes, you can find just about any kind of moped for sale. At the moment, we mainly focus on our 50cc scooters and our 125cc scooters. Our rides fall into these categories, with plenty of choices in both ranges. You can easily pick out something very specific to the kind of rider that you wish to be.

From something old-school and classically inspired to something more racy and street-stylish, we have something for everyone. Regardless of the kind of moped that you could see yourself riding, we will have a fine choice waiting for you here. You just need to work out what kind of moped that you think you would enjoy riding the most, and we can make sure that you get a brilliant purchase!

With Direct Bikes, we make sure you can always get a good variety of brand new mopeds to pick from.

Tremendous value for money

We also offer a solid and safe deal to you: brand new mopeds for sale starting at only £999. With a moped like this, you can get a tremendous deal that absolutely suits you to the ground. It’s going to make sure that your money can go far, and that you can get an excellent value purchase. Just take a look at our offers, and you can know exactly what you can get from our store.

Our 125cc range of mopeds only start at £1,099, too, making sure that you can spend less and get a tremendous deal. We charge used prices for brand new rides, making sure your money can stretch very far indeed. We know that value is always a big part of making a choice on what kind of moped you would like to ride. So, we’ve made sure that you can get value in abundance when you buy from us!

Need help making the payments?

Then just let us know. At Direct Bikes we run a very secure and safe finance program. With a borrowing limit of £5,000, you can easily afford more than one single purchase at a time with our finance program. And don’t worry about your credit rating; we offer fair value deals and payment rates for every level of finance and credit history.

And with as long as sixty months to pay everything back, you can get all the aid that you need to make your purchase. All that you need to do is let us know what purchase you intend to make, and we can push that through for you quickly and easily. It’s the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for help with making and securing the payments for their new ride.

Get delivery right to your door step with Direct Bikes

We know that one thing a lot of riders can struggle with is getting their ride picked up. This often means having someone either bring you down, or getting public/private transport services. At Direct Bikes, we look to remove that issue entirely from the equation. With our store, you just come to our site, choose your ideal scooter, make the payment online, and choose your delivery address.

We are happy to deliver to anywhere in the UK. Just let us know where you are intending to go, and we’ll make sure that you can get the right delivery time. With 1-day and 3-day delivery options, we can tailor the whole experience to suit you. So, for a simpler way to make sure you can buy the best possible ride for your money, come and speak to us today.

Our team will make sure that you can find the ideal moped for sale to suit your budget and your needs with ease.