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Moped Finance


Looking for moped financing? Want to buy now but not sure if you can pay upfront? Don’t worry! We've partnered with Klarna to provide moped financing options starting from just £63 per month.

If you're keen on getting one of our fantastic mopeds or scooters, check out our financing options!

To apply for moped financing, choose Klarna at checkout. If you're eligible, you'll see the available financing plans.

Understanding Your Credit Rating

Klarna uses TransUnion and Experian to evaluate your credit rating. These agencies collect data from public records, lenders, and other service providers to generate a credit score. This score reflects your likelihood of repaying borrowed funds based on your credit history and financial behaviour. A higher credit score may improve your chances of credit approval, though it’s not a guarantee.

Remember, you don't have just one credit score. Each credit reference agency may hold different information about you and uses its own scoring method. Your credit score can also change over time as your financial circumstances evolve.

When you apply for credit, lenders and service providers perform their own assessments using your credit record information. They also consider other factors, such as affordability and your account history with them.

Payment Options

Depending on your credit history, Klarna offers various monthly payment plans extending up to 36 months.

Ready to Begin?

Simply select Klarna at checkout. If you qualify, you’ll be presented with the financing options. It's as simple as that!