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Moped Canterbury

Moped Canterbury

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Canterbury is a city buzzing with students and visitors to its famous medieval architecture, which might make commuting a hassle. Riding a moped in Canterbury, whether you’re a student at any of three universities or you live in the city, can be a fun, convenient and easy way to commute in and around the city. This article looks at the benefits of owning a moped in Canterbury and why you should choose one of ours.

Pros of Riding a Moped in Canterbury

Faster in Traffic – One huge advantage of riding a moped in Canterbury is that you can get to your destination faster if you come across traffic congestion. Mopeds compact size makes them easily manoeuverable in traffic jams.

Ease of Parking – Parking comes with some challenges in Canterbury. You may find it hard to find a parking space or have to pay parking charges. By riding a moped in Canterbury, you’ll be able to park your moped in small spaces and most times, avoid paying parking charges.

Minimum Age – At age 16, you can get a provisional license to ride a moped in Canterbury, allowing you to get on the road earlier than you would with a car.

Fuel Efficiency Mopeds are more fuel-efficient than cars, allowing you to save on fuel. In addition, mopeds help saves on other expenses such as taxes, insurance, parking and maintenance.

Making Mopeds Available and Affordable in Canterbury

Direct Bikes offer you the largest collection of moped for sale in Canterbury. Our mopeds come in various designs, styles, and colours and are very affordable for everyone, largely because we’ve cut out middlemen. If you are unable to pay at once, we offer flexible payment plans that enable you to pay in instalments. Direct Bikes also help you compare the insurance market to get the cheapest insurance deals in the UK. Backed by a 12-months warranty, our mopeds also give you complete peace of mind to ride in style.

Get Your Moped in Canterbury Today

Browse our selection of mopeds and select one that suits your needs and preference. Fill in your delivery information and we'll send across your moped without delay.

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