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How old to ride a moped?

How old to ride a moped?

Many young people can’t wait to get on the road and gain their own independence. Mopeds are the best way to do this because they let you get on the road much earlier than with a car, and mean you can start gaining experience sooner. Not only that, they’re cheaper to buy than a car, and much cheaper to run.

You can start riding mopeds as soon as you turn 16. This is a whole year earlier than the minimum age for driving a car, and although this might not seem like much you can learn a lot in a year. This is why mopeds are particularly appealing to young people, because they can help you get to work, or college, or simply to see your friends. Plus once you turn 17 you can reassess your options, and change to a car if you want. Although by that point you might have caught the moped bug.

Along with being 16, there are a couple of other requirements you need to fulfil. Firstly, you need to have a provisional driving licence. These can be easily obtained from the DVLA, and don’t cost that much. A provisional licence is valid for 10 years, although it’ll automatically be upgraded to a full licence once you pass your driving test. You don’t need to know how to drive a car to hold a provisional licence, and you don’t even need to be thinking about learning. They’re just a practical form of ID that keeps track of the vehicles you can use.

The second requirement is to have passed a CBT test. This is a one-day course that consists of all the practical and theoretical knowledge you need to get on the road. There are different tests for different engine sizes, but the 50cc CBT is incredibly easy. Once the instructor is satisfied with your knowledge they will sign you off, and you’ll officially be allowed on the road.

CBT certificates are valid for two years, after which you’ll either need to take another one, or you’ll need to pass your full motorbike test. However, by the age of 18 your priorities might have changed, and you might have moved on to a different vehicle. Two years of riding a 50cc moped will give you plenty of road experience and make passing driving tests much easier.

Being able to ride a moped at the age of 16 is one of their best features. This makes them ideal for those looking to get on the road as soon as possible, and can help you to get a lot of independence. Plus, you’ll get a full extra year of road knowledge before moving on to more powerful vehicles.