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How much is a moped?

How much is a moped?

The main advantage of mopeds for young road users is their cost. They’re much better value for money than a car, and for the cost of a brand new moped you’d end up with a pretty sorry looking car. Not only are they cheap to buy, they’re cheap to insure too. This makes them the perfect choice for those without too much money to spend on a vehicle.

50cc mopeds are possibly the cheapest road vehicles, and this is mainly due to their reasonably simple and small engines. Unlike a car, which has complex gear systems, mopeds are twist and go. This means they have automatic gears, and so do all the hard work for you. This is another reason why they’re so good for new riders; they’re very easy to get on the road.

Here at Direct Bikes, we have a great range of 50cc mopeds to choose from, and there’s something for all styles. Our 50cc Sports Scooter retails at £799, and is the cheapest one we offer. Every other model in our range is £899, and you can choose from great models like the Milan if you’re a bit retro or the Scorpion if you prefer that sporty look. All of our mopeds have the same engine size, the same top speed, and very similar fuel capacities. There are variations in things like height and weight, but there’s detailed information about each moped on its page.

Although this might seem like a lot of money, new cars usually sell for tens of thousands of pounds! Considering all of our scooters are brand new and unregistered this is a pretty good price to pay. If you wanted to buy a car with the same amount of money you’d have to look at anything over 10 years old, at which point the car is tired and problems start occurring.

If you’ve just turned 16 and you’re looking to get a vehicle to run around town on, then a moped is the perfect choice. You can buy one outright for less than £1000, meaning you can get on the road quickly and cheaply. All you need to do is sort out tax and insurance, both of which we can help with. We send you a vehicle registration pack in the post, and we even compare the insurance market to find you the best deals. This means the whole process is incredibly quick and easy, even for someone with no experience.

Being able to get on the road for as little money as possible is important to new road users. It will allow you to gain experience faster, and save money for purchasing a bigger vehicle. Our range of 50cc mopeds are all at fantastic prices, and are all cheap to insure and run. All you need is the CBT and you’ll be ready to go!