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50cc Moped

50cc Moped

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Thinking about getting into moped riding? Then there is a lot to unpack about the whole thing. Moped riding is a very fun thing to do. When you buy the right kind of moped, it can be genuinely life-changing to drive one. It gives you so much freedom on the road, and you generally feel as if you have more general control. One of the main reasons to get into riding a moped, though, is the simplicity. Did you know, for example, that you could buy a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes and start riding it today?

What is a 50cc moped?

A 50cc moped is a form of moped/scooter that can be driven on the roads of the UK. They were powered using an engine which is 50 Cubic Centimetres in size. This makes it perfect for riding around in and offers the ideal starting point for most riders. If you are looking for a simpler way to make riding fun and engaging, then a 50cc makes a lot of sense.

Their small size ensures that you can easily get to grips with riding one very easily. It’s not going to take you too much time to learn the basics either. Before you commit to buying and riding a 50cc scooter, though, it pays to know what you are actually investing in. For example, what is the earliest age that you could start riding a moped with a 50cc engine in it?

When can I ride a 50cc moped?

For anyone interested in buying a moped of this size, you can start riding one from the age of sixteen. So long as you go and get your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), you could start riding it more or less right away. So long as you get it taxed and insured, and you have the right license, you can start riding ASAP.

Many people choose to buy one of our 50cc scooter mopeds because they know it makes it easy to get into riding. Instead of spending years trying to get into riding, why not make it so much easier?

With a 50cc, you can start riding it as soon as you hit the age of sixteen. Simply pass your CBT, get your provisional license, and then get your ride taxed and insured. With such great choice on Direct Bikes, buying a ride just got much easier!

What is a CBT?

Your CBT is, as mentioned above, your Compulsory Basic Training. For just about anyone, it’s a vital part of becoming a rider. In fact, unless you passed your full driving test prior to the 1st February 2001, you need to get your CBT to ride a 50cc vehicle. Only if you got your full driving license before the above date would you be allowed to ride at 50cc without your CBT.

The CBT is essential as it gives the DVLA the thumbs up that you can handle yourself on the road. It’s proof that you have grasped the basics of riding, and that you can be on the road without putting yourself or anyone else at risk. Without doubt, it’s one of the most important qualifications that you can get if you wish to get into riding. It’s more or less essential, so make sure you book in for one.

How much is a 50cc scooter going to cost me?

A 50cc from our store is going to cost you just £999 on average. We even sell cheaper models than this, with some of our models on sale as low as £899. This helps you to easily pick up a brand new scooter online and have it brought straight to your door.

For a new scooter, then, you can get something pretty awesome from our store. Just take a look at our various options for a scooter, and you can pick out something pretty awesome with ease. All that you need to know is what kind of scooter you would like, and what kind of design you would be most attracted to. For help in finding a quality 50cc moped, then, be sure to take a look at our store and see what catches your eye.

The benefits of learning to ride on a 50cc

If you choose to go with a 50cc ride from our store, then you will be gaining a lot of benefits. Just some of the reasons why 50cc is the ideal learning spot for a rider include:

  • The age that you can start learning from is just sixteen, which is great for young drivers.
  • With the cost of buying and then taxing plus insuring your ride, it’s all very cheap.
  • Your top speed of 30mph will be more than suitable for just about any city journey.
  • Thanks to the newness of our scooters, you get unlimited 1-year warranty provided.
  • On top of this, you’ll get a scooter that feels very easy to handle due to its layout.
  • Allour scooters use an Automatic transmission, so they can be driven without gears.
  • As you can see, then, there’s plenty of reason to go for a 50cc scooter!

Buying your scooter today

If you have decided on what you would like to ride, then you should come and take a look at our options. Choosing to buy a scooter today means that you only need to make the payment. You don’t have to come and pick it up. We offer a full UK-wide delivery system for every single 50cc that we sell. As you complete the purchase, you just need to tell us where in the UK that you are.

We can then bring you the ride right to your door. This is perfect for making sure you can pick up your ideal moped for sale with a few simple clicks. So, for help with finding your ideal moped or scooter, let us know what you need. We’ll make sure you can get the best 50cc that you can for the budget you have set aside!