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49cc Moped

49cc Moped

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For anyone considering getting a new moped, have you ever thought about buying a 49cc moped? At Direct Bikes, we have a fine collection of 49cc models that you can pick from today.

While most people will go for a standard 50cc moped, they don’t have to do. With a 49cc, you are getting much the same kind of quality and style. However, if you choose to buy a 49cc then you are buying something with some very fractional differences. To a beginner driver, though, you would barely be able to spot the change from 49cc to 50cc. That’s’ why we recommend that if you do wish to ride a 49cc that you do so today. With our great range of mopeds to pick from in all sizes, it’s very easy indeed to buy a moped that you know is suited to you.

What is a 49cc moped?

A 49cc is basically the exact same as a 50cc moped. It carries the same specifications and styles, and it also has the same top speed: 30mph. The differences are very minor, so at Direct Bikes we make it easy for you to pick from both 49cc and 50cc. It really comes down to personal preference at this stage. If you would like to go through with a new scooter purchase, a 49cc makes a lot of sense.

They are the ‘little brother’ to the 50cc, though telling a direct difference can be quite the challenge for new riders.

When can I first ride a 49cc moped?

49cc scooters fall under the same jurisdiction as our 50cc scooters. If you choose to buy one of our 49cc/50cc scooters for sale, they will require you to be the age of 16. If you are under the age of 16, you would need to wait until you are the prerequisite age to be able to apply for it. Keep that in mind as you try and make a choice based on what you think would be the ideal choice for you.

A 49cc is a good choice for just about anyone who is looking for something strong, reliable, and professional. They are a fine learning device, too. Few other forms of scooter can make it so easy for you to learn without worry. Their user-friendly and beginner-friendly, nature, make them the ideal starting point for almost any rider.

What do I need to ride my 49cc scooter?

To ride a 49cc from Direct Bikes, you would need to go and get your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). This is a catch-all training program that gives you all the help that you need to make sure you can drive on the UK roads without causing anyone any harm. It’s for that reason that we recommend you look at getting a 49cc scooter.

They make a fine choice for numerous reasons, not least the fact they are great for learning on. As soon as you hit the age of 16, then, you could apply for your CBT. Once you pass your CBT, you would then be eligible to go and take on your provisional driving license. Working together, your CBT and your provisional would mean that you can drive on the roads of the UK today.

Why should I buy a 49cc moped?

  • You could start using your 49cc from the age of sixteen with the right kind of license.
  • With a 49cc, you are able to drive at a top speed of 30mph: that’s very comfortable.
  • Handling and durability on the roads is very impressive, minimising bumpy rides.
  • Mileage is outstanding, meaning that you can get some very minimal running costs.
  • Buying a 49cc means buying a vehicle with a solid, reliable top speed.
  • All of our 49cc scooters run using Automatic transmission, making them easy to learn.
  • You can vastly improve riding performance and confidence on a smaller vehicle.

So, as you can see, there are quite a few reasons why you might wish to go down the route of getting one of our 49cc models. The only thing that you need to think about, then, is what kind of speed you would like to do?

What kind of price would it cost for a 49 moped?

To buy one of our 49cc rides, we ask for an extremely fair price. Buy from Direct Bikes, and you would only pay in the region of £999 for a 49cc vehicle. Some of our 49ccs are even lower than this, as some of our rides are on sale at just £899. This helps you to pick out an outstanding deal, knowing that you are getting your vehicle for less than four figures.

When buying from Direct Bikes, you can be sure that what you are buying is 100% brand new. It’s a fine solution for just about anyone who is looking for a 49 moped that they want to know will last. All of our rides are checked prior to being sold, so you know that it arrives in pristine and never-used condition. If that excites you, come and check out our collection!

Choosing the right 49 moped

We know that buying a moped can be quite a tough and confusing process. In a bid to help you make the whole process a bit easier, we recommend that you contact us today. We can look at all of our 49cc rides with you and help you to choose the ride that is most suited to you as a person.

Most of the time, it comes down to things like personal size, experience, and budget. We can look through each option with you, making sure that you pick out your ideal 49cc moped. It just means taking the time to look through our mopeds and choose one that you think would be the right choice for you.

If you lack the time or the experience to choose, come and speak to us. We can help you to look through each 49cc scooter and make a choice you’ll be 100% happy with.